Don’t Go Solo!

Successfully ascending your summits in the mountainous world of modern business can be a complicated feat without knowing the routes.  Just as in rock-climbing, there is very little room for error in business. When your business knows the next summit to reach and is struggling to find the right holds to effectively move upward, a seasoned guide that has climbed and helped others climb the routes successfully is essential.

Successful CRM Consultant


Being uncertain when using new business applications, like climbing without a good partner, can be hazardous, but the right CRM consultant can be the Sherpa to help climb your Everest.Having the right CRM application can mean a faster, smoother ascent to reach your goals. But just because you have the right equipment, it does not necessarily mean you are prepared to climb. Redpoint is a term in rock climbing in which a red circle is drawn on the rock at the beginning of a route to indicate that the climbing path has not previously been worked. After successfully climbing the route, the climber fills in the circle with red paint to indicate to other climbers the path is now an achievable route, hence the term redpoint.

No time for trial & error!

The redpoint definition has evolved over the years. You will never see a climber with a can of red paint!  But if you hear a climber say that they just redpointed a route, you’ll know that they just successfully completed a route (aka a project). Many times a climber’s success is only achieved after receiving advice from other climbers. In the same way, a CRM Consultant can guide a successful project. If you are not experienced in architecting or developing, a guide can show you the right route which will increase sales, increase customer service productivity, and increase overall user adoption. RedPoint Solutions offers this experience because they know the routes and have guiding CRM projects for over a decade. To successfully move the business atop the summit, you need an experienced and seasoned CRM Consultant.

Get Started!

Finding the right CRM application is just the beginning of your journey. The right CRM consultant is the guide needed to show you how to implement, integrate, and customize the application effectively. Learning something new is the spice of life, but having someone help you venture into unknown territory is highly recommended; especially in business and rock climbing.