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Custom Salesforce Development

Turn your Salesforce org into your company’s secret weapon.

One of the most compelling things about Salesforce as a technology platform is the ability to design and build powerful custom functionality to solve for specific business needs.

With the right investment your Salesforce org can become an important competitive advantage for your business – whether it’s to improve your NPS, speed up your sales cycles, or replace tedious and repetitive tasks with smart automations.

Common areas for custom development

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Workflow Automation

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Document Generation and Esignature

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Online Forms and Data Capture

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Productivity and Gamification

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System Integrations

Technologies We Use

At RedPoint, we follow Salesforce best practices for solution architecting and development. This means we evaluate configuration-based solutions first, and code-based solutions when necessary. We build features for simplicity and scale, always putting user experience in the forefront.

These days, we are working entirely in Lightning Experience and are using Salesforce’s preferred tools like Flow and Lightning Web Components to deliver high quality solutions that will last for years to come. While we do support frameworks like Visualforce and Aura Components, we are steering customers towards better long term options.

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“We have worked with multiple developers with RedPoint and each has worked diligently and with integrity. They have each had an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience. Would absolutely recommend them to other potential clients.”

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If you’re interested in taking your Salesforce org to the next level with custom development, we’d love to hear from you. Please fill out the form and we’ll get back to you within a few hours.