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Salesforce Support & Administration

Getting amazing Salesforce support should be as easy as texting a friend.

Salesforce is not something that can be set up once and then forgotten about. Proper support & administration is the backbone of a well functioning Salesforce org and the teams who rely on it.

Because of this, we offer Salesforce support & administration to all customers – with no monthly commitments and no minimums. For customers who need high volume support or who want more personalized service, we also offer a Premium Support plan that is less expensive and higher quality than Salesforce Premier Success.

We think getting Salesforce support should be less like calling a cable company…

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And more like texting a friend.

  1. Send us a message on Slack with any questions or issues you’re having.
  2. Chat with someone in real time who knows you by name, knows your Salesforce org, and cares about your business
  3. We’ll work to resolve the issue and provide updates along the way.
  4. On average, we respond to support cases in less than 1 hour, and resolve issues in less than 2 days.

Comparing Salesforce Support Options

RedPoint Premium Support is an alternative to Salesforce Premier Success for customers looking for a more personal and integrated support experience.

Comparing Salesforce Support Options

RedPoint SupportSalesforce Premier SuccessSalesforce Premier Plus
Time to Respond<2 hours1-8 hours1-8 hours
Communicate through Email?YesYesYes
Communicate through Slack?YesNoNo
Cost StructureFlatPercentPercent
Cost$500 /month20% Net License Cost (annual)30% Net License Cost (annual)
Review Custom codeYesUp to 200 lines of APEX & VFUp to 200 lines of APEX & VF
Write new custom codeYesNoNo
Support for AppExchange AppsYesNoNo
Dedicated resourceYesNoNo
Support for 3rd party integrationsYesNoNo
Will remember your dog's name on Zoom callsYesProbably notSadly, no

“(RedPoint) helped our organization completely restructure our Salesforce database which previously had fragments of incomplete or incorrect data. In a matter of weeks, (they) helped us transform the database which is now fully updated and functioning, saving our staff literally hundreds of hours of time and ensuring our data is 100% accurate.”

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If you’re looking for amazing Salesforce support, we’d love to hear from you. Please fill out the form and we’ll get back to you within a few hours.