Salesforce Evaluation

When it comes to improving your Salesforce org, sometimes it’s hard to know where to get started. A Salesforce evaluation is a great way to understand where there are issues in your org, where your users are struggling, how Salesforce is not meeting your needs, and how to fix it.

What’s included in the evaluation?

1. Quantitative

We run a series of reports in your Salesforce org, get key metrics about your org, and organize it into an easy-to-read document.

  1. Security
  2. Unused objects & fields
  3. Data & API limits
  4. Test code coverage
  5. Installed apps
  6. Redundant processes
  7. Etc

2. Qualitative

We survey your userbase with a simple 6 question survey to get qualitative data on their experience with Salesforce. This is an opportunity to identify areas for improvement and perhaps hear some new ideas that haven’t been brought up.

3. Consultative

We meet with you for an hour to review the quantitative and qualitative data and discuss ways to make Salesforce work better for your business. This is not a sales call – we share honest feedback based on your goals and priorities, even if that means recommending a different CRM or validating that your Salesforce org looks great the way it is.